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13th AARSE 2022 Conference in Kigali, Rwanda, 24th to 28th October, 2022

GECA Research Institute was at the Africa Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment (AARSE) 2022 Conference took place in Kigali Rwanda from 24th to 28th October 2022. Dr. Henry Massa delivered a paper 'Closing the Gender Gap in Adoption and Uptake of Earth Observation Technology Innovations in Agriculture' at a special session on Earth Observation for All: Promoting Gender and Diversity in Earth Observation at the Conference.

The paper underscores the significance of Digital and Earth Observation technologies for the
transformation of Africa’s agriculture, with women as the strategic workforce to achieve this objective. Gender differences in access, adoption and use of non- land agricultural inputs were highlighted, and showed that globally women were consistently disadvantaged, and even where technologies were available, these often failed to address women’s particular needs. Agricultural technology today encompasses an entire sphere of information and communication technologies (Digital technologies).

The concept of “Agriculture 4.0” refers to the use of modern technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, drones, big data analytics) to generate efficient and sustainable production in agriculture.

Evidence confirms that video-mediated extension approaches increase uptake of recommended technologies and practices by improving extension access and farmer knowledge. Earth Observation can be used to improve crop monitoring at field and farm level, and could be the basis of accurate models set up to identify and remove factors causing lower yields. The women in smallholder agriculture in Africa stand to benefit from increased uptake of Digital and EO technologies to stimulate production andproductivity, while enhancing food security and household incomes.

Dr Henry Massa is a Board Member at GECA Research Institute, and the paper is co-authored by
Bemigisha. J, Bingi .S, and Mugume. I.

Second GORILLA International Conference 2022 (7-10th Dec 2022)

The 2nd International Conference on Geographical Science for Resilient Communities, Ecosystems and Livelihoods under Global Environmental Change (GORILLA) will take place in Kampala Uganda from 7th to 10th December 2022. The GORILLA conference seeks to take stock of the emerging technologies, innovations and evolving knowledge streams to make a contribution in resolving the pressing societal problems and challenges to achieve sustainability. GECA Research Institute that came into form in December 2021 envisions ‘An informed and resilient agricultural system that integrates gender and climate change’ as one of the pathways to identifying and designing tailored solutions to Africa’s societal problems and challenges in the agricultural sector.

GECA Research Institute will join Africa’s lead scientists, policy makers and practitioners to dialogue on pressing sustainability and resilience issues from different perspectives at the 2nd GORILLA Conference in Kampala.

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