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Gender Climate Change & Agriculture in Africa

‘Informing Africa’s Agenda on Gender Climate Change and Agriculture’
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Gender Climate Change & Agriculture in Africa [GECA] Research Institute is a strong membership driven platform of professionals working globally to transform Africa’s knowledge landscape. GECA supports innovation and decision making for socio-economic and sustainable development.

An informed and resilient agricultural system for Africa that intergrates gender and climate. 


To generate, disseminate and support the use of information and knowledge data and information on gender, climate change and agricultural nexus for a sustainable agricultural system and better livelihoods in Africa.

‘The solution to Africa’s problems lies with it's people’

The African continent is endowed with natural resources, the backbone to its people’s livelihood and national development, but continues to suffer a multitude of problems associated with poverty and environment degradation, and impacts of climate change. ‘The solution to Africa’s problems lies with its people’ has been ecohed by politicians. Africa requires an atomistic approach to critically understand the issues, while building a credible knowledge base. Knowledge is ‘power’ as often stated, however knowledge without action remains a source of ‘untapped energy’( Utilisation of knowledge is needed to inform innovation and decision making to generate tailored solutions to the continent’s development challenges.


The FOUR Strategic Pillars 

Build Information & Knowledge
Construct / adapt gender responsive methodology and tools for use at multi-scale. 
Train on tools and knowledge systems and create knowledge platforms and forums to exchange and transfer knowledge and learnings.
Intergrate Youth & Women
Intergrate youth and women in the science knowledge economy. 
Promote Culture
Intergrate gender and promote the culture of evidence-based planning in policy development in agriculture.